Since Our Beginning…Reach Now International ‘Specs/Totals’ as of April 1, 2024:

…Through joint partnerships and joint projects with many other organizations, we have seen the following results:

Containers and Semi-Trailer Related

  • 1,628 x 40 (2×20′ loads)  foot containers of food donated to our ministry for International projects (1/2 container for USA).
  • 4 x 20 foot containers of rice sent to orphans/widows in Cambodia
  • Coordinated/Connected the obtainment/delivery of 172 x 40 foot containers (or 53′ semis) of food/other supplies for various projects/outreaches (Intl and US). These numbers not reflected in the meal total below or the container total above.
  • 437.6 million plus “Highly Nutritional Food Pack” meals sent to the desperate and devastated. These meals being reflected in the 1,628 x 40 foot containers noted at the top.
  • 1,800 x 40 foot (or 53′semis) above combined total (6×20′ loads)


  • $379,700 donated for distribution related expenses for loads shipped to Africa.
  • $8,250.00 donation for a food project (food bought directly in country) in Darfur, Sudan. Food distributed through the Church/local ministries.
  • $40,000 Ukraine relief.
  • $24,340.00 in donations to help fund the feeding of 40 orphans on a monthly basis in a refugee camp on the Myanmar(Burma)/Thailand border. Working through a local ministry.
  • $1,500 funds sent for Myanmar(Burma) Cyclone Relief Aid Project with local church
  • Countries where we have had joint project involvement in: 67
  • Countless lives impacted with the gospel, life-giving ministry and forever changed!
  • 1,000 to 1,200 tubes of toothpaste given to needy in Amarillo, Texas and Tulsa, OK in total. Toothbrushes also given out in Tulsa. Both distributed through local churches.
  • $11,750.00 for Uganda/Sudan Satellite communication systems for medical outreaches/clinics
  • $3,500 for rice/food for Cambodia outreach
  • $1,250 for a food project (food bought directly in country) in Kenya (Turkana and Wajir regions). Food distributed through a ministry working with local churches/ministries.
  • $15,000 approximate for Haiti earthquake relief
  • $3,000 approximate for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief
  • 200 approx. total handmade quilts for children in Haiti, Myanmar (Burma)/Thailand border, Nepal, and an undisclosed country
  • 51,760 meals distributed daily if viewed from a ‘per day’ average perspective


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